Our world has changed

We now have the ability to connect with almost anyone around the globe in just seconds. Information and communication that was once reserved for the wealthy and those in charge, is now available to all of us. Altruist is dedicated to solving our biggest problems using the technology of this newly connected world.

A Better Way Of Giving

Our giving philosophy is greatly inspired by the work of the effective altruism project. The desire to help others is what makes us human. Effective altruism takes that desire and works to use the resources we have to do the most good. Sometimes this means focusing on the number of lives you can save or improve per dollar donated and at other times it means addressing large-scale issues like existential threats. Using this framework, each month Altruist selects an effective, life-changing nonprofit that we support as a community.

A Better Tomorrow Starts Here

By harnessing the power of technology, social media, and digital payments, we are able to unite a large and diverse group of caring people who want to make their dent on the world. Altruist never takes a cut, we always listen to our Members and everyone knows that their monthly $1 donation is going to a great cause. Our collaborative community is open to everyone and as our numbers grow, we are proving that a dollar given alone is admirable but a dollar given together can change our world.