Founder's Story

Jared Janes, Altruist founder

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As someone who never took school very seriously and got into his fair share of trouble as a kid, Jared needed somewhere to focus his energy. And at the age of 16, he found Counter Strike - a video game that he played semi-professionally for six years. It was during this time that Jared developed a knack for leadership - managing and leading many of the teams he played on. It was through this outlet that he found value in dedicating himself to something he was passionate about. After high school, Jared spent a few years studying computer science and graphic design, before dropping out to focus on his career.

He got his feet wet in the startup world working with a small group of guys in a cramped office space in downtown Denver. When the business ultimately went under, as many startups do, he found himself working at a marketing agency, managing a team of developers. It was here that Jared really found a passion for learning in his spare time. What started as research into leadership, business and management, led him to other topics such as philosophy, behavioral economics and neuroscience, among others.

This newfound self-education led Jared to look at the world in different ways and has taken him on a journey to redefine what it means to live a fulfilled life. He felt that one of the most pressing issues was our culture’s need to change the way we give back. Altruist is the embodiment of this idea. It’s a Non-Profit focused on making a difference in the world, building a caring community and making philanthropy available to everyone.

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